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Chapter 1: Preventative Measures

This section covers the basic principles of preventative measures including: engineering controls, safe work practices, personal protective equipment, and standard precautions.
Chapter 2: Sterilization

Sterilization features the proper techniques and equipment along with sterilization parameters and documentation methods necessary to maintain a safe working environment.
Chapter 3: Station Prep

This is a step by step approach to setting up a clean work station using proper techniques, work practice controls, equipment, and bio shielding techniques.
Chapter 4: Bio Room

A bio room is imperative to running a safe tattoo shop. This section covers the proper equipment and set up to maintain a bio room, it also covers the dangers and reasons that you need to keep this equipment safely away from the public.
Chapter 5: Station Tear Down

While tearing down your station, proper precautions must be taken to avoid cross contamination. This section covers the steps involved in the disinfecting process and the disposal of contaminated sharps.

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