Tattoo Safety Alliance – Setting the Tattoo Safety Standard

Tattoo Safety Alliance is dedicated to sharing safe tattoo and piercing knowledge to one and all. Our mission statement is simple; keeping you safe is what we do!!!! The information that we are sharing are your rights as a consumer. We want you to be able to tell the difference between a safe artist that is promoting safe practices, from an artist who doesn’t have the proper training and could be potentially harming you



A dedicated body art professional is one that is true to their industry, they will be concerned with your personal health and safety as well as their own. They will take the time to explain to you what goes into their services to make it a safe operation. They will also welcome educated questions that revolve around safe practices. They will be able to pass all the criteria for the Tattoo Safety Alliance checklist. There are no exceptions when it comes to your personal health and safety. If we can keep you from getting tattooed or pierced by someone who is not qualified to do it then we have achieved our goal!!

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